Inviting Darkness: Q&A with Lisa Unger

Sisters in Crime President, Robyn Walton, spoke to US author, Lisa Unger, about her latest psychological thriller, Under My Skin (2018). Hello, and congratulations on your publication record: 16 novels and a novella. In 2018 Bouchercon, the annual mystery convention, was held in your US hometown. How was that? Thank you so much! Bouchercon always …

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Mountain mystery: Q&A with Sandi Wallace

Robyn Walton, Sisters in Crime’s Vice-President, spoke to long-term member, Sandi Wallace, about her latest rural crime novel, Into the Fog (Taut Press, 2018).  Sandi, congratulations on the third novel in your Georgie Harvey and John Franklin series. For your setting you chose the Dandenong Ranges, about an hour’s drive east of Melbourne CBD. And …

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Crossing the Thin Blue Line:  Q&A with Leigh Straw

Robyn Walton. Sisters in Crime’s Vice-President, spoke to Perth author Leigh Straw about her latest book, Lillian Armfield: How Australia’s First Female Detective took on Tilly Devine and the Razor Gangs and Changed the Face of the Force (Hachette, 2018) Hi, Leigh. Most Australians would not be able to name this country’s first woman police …

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Headshot Anna Snoekstra

Revenge is a dish best served cold:Q&A with Anna Snoekstra

Melbourne crime writer, Anna Snoekstra, spoke to Sisters in Crime’s Vice-President, Robyn Walton, about her latest thriller, The Spite Game (HQ Fiction, 2018). Hi, Anna. You sold the film rights to your first novel, Only Daughter. How’s that all going? Great! I’ve just gotten back from LA, where I was catching up with everything that …

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Remembrance of Things Past … and more: Q&A with Aoife Clifford

Melbourne author Aoife Clifford spoke to Robyn Walton, Sisters in Crime’s Vice-President, about her second novel, Second Sight (Simon & Schuster, 2018)  Hello, Aoife. Congratulations on the publication of your second novel earlier this year. How’s it going in terms of readers’ feedback, reviews, overseas sales? Thanks. It’s been really enjoyable having Second Sight out …

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Kate Wild headshot

The long wait for justice: Q&A with Kate Wild

Sydney author Kate Wild speaks to Robyn Walton, Vice-President of Sisters in Crime, about her true crime book, Waiting for Elijah (Scribe, 2018). Kate will be speaking to Sisters in Crime on Friday 19 October, 8pm at South Melbourne’s Rising Sun Hotel. Book here. Hello, Kate, and congratulations on your book, the product of an …

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Talking Turkey: Q&A with August Thomas

Robyn Walton, Sisters in Crime’s Vice-President, spoke to the wonderfully-named August Thomas about her debut book, Liar’s Candle (Simon & Schuster). Hello, August, and congratulations on the publication of Liar’s Candle. You’ve given us an espionage thriller set in contemporary Turkey, your protagonist a young woman who’s an intern at the US embassy in Ankara. …

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Headshot of Sarah Epstein

Small Spaces: Big themes – Q&A with Sarah Epstein

Sarah Epstein spoke to Robyn Walton, Sisters in Crime’s Vice-President, about her debut YA novel, Small Spaces (Walker Books). Sarah is on a Sisters in Crime panel, YA Crime – Is it all grown up? 8pm Friday 22 June, Rising Sun Hotel, cnr Raglan Street and Eastern Road, South Melbourne Click here to book. Sarah, …

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Dads Who Kill: Q&A with Megan Norris

Sisters in Crime’s Vice-President, Robyn Walton talked to Megan about her true crime book, Look What You Made Me Do: Fathers Who Kill (Echo, 2016) which won the 2017 Davitt (Non-Fiction). Hello, Megan. First, a trigger warning to readers. The matters mentioned in our Q&A may be distressing, especially for anyone who has lost a …

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