Judith Rossell: award-winning writer, illustrator and former scientist

Judith Rossell may often spend the day in her pyjamas (just like Sulari Gentill!)– and like Sulari, her output is prodigious. She talks about the special skills required to write (and illustrate) children’s crime books to Sisters in Crime convenor, Karina Kilmore, for this week’s Murder Mondays interview.

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Judith started out as a government scientist but made a dramatic switch in careers. For more than two decades she’s been illustrating and writing children’s books. She has now illustrated more than 80 and written 15 books. Her books have been published in the UK, the USA and been translated into more than 20 languages.

Each of her books in the Stella Montgomery trilogy – Montgomery trilogy, Withering-by-Sea, Wormwood Mire, and Wakestone Hall – has won the Davitt Award for Best Children’s book, not to mention numerous other awards.

Click HERE to the see the wonderful singing cats trailer for the USA edition of Withering-by-Sea.

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