Open Invitation: Ashley Kalagian Blunt in conversation re My Name is Revenge

Hear Toni Jordan and Ashley Kalagian Blunt in conversation about Kalagian Blunt’s new book, My Name is Revenge, a collection of fiction and essays related to the Armenian genocide and its connections to Australia. These include the 1980 assassination of a Turkish consul-general in Sydney, a crime that remains unsolved to this day, and an attempted …

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Black and white version of iconic image of World War !! woman in overalls with hair wrapped up in a spotted red scarf and red lipstick

Deadbeat brothers and the trouble they cause

Proving the adage ‘You can choose your friends, but not your family’, trouble befalls the protagonists in three new crime books. J M Green, Carmel Reilly and Sherryl Clark have created women who have to clean up messes created by their deadbeat brothers. They will confide all to fellow crime writer Toni Jordan: are the brothers …

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Toni Jordan headshot

Crime and romance with Jane Austen: Toni Jordan

‘You’re in love with love,’ my mother told me once. I must have been all of fourteen: flat-chested, grinning in shiny braces, complete with frightening, jutting headgear I wore at night. I went to girls’ school and I had no brothers. No men in the house at all. When my mother said that, about being …

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The past is never past: New mysteries with history

Toni Jordan, M J Tjia and Kirsten Alexander talk to Alison Goodman about why digging into the past provides such fertile themes and characters for crime writing. Award-winning Melbourne author Toni Jordan is the author of five novels. Her latest, The Fragments, is her first foray into the mystery world. Set in 1930s’ New York …

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