Immersion into the murky waters of crime: Q&A with Sarah Bailey

Sarah Bailey talked to Robyn Walton, national co-convenor of Sisters in Crime Australia, about her debut novel The Dark Lake (Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 2017)  Hello Sarah and congratulations on the very positive reviews you’ve been receiving. Your debut novel is being likened to Jane Harper’s successful first novel, The Dry. How are you feeling? …

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The gritty, realistic and persistent story idea

Sarah Bailey: When the premise of The Dark Lake first popped into my mind, I swiftly pushed it away. It was April 2015 and I was around 25,000 words into another manuscript, a story that I was really passionate about. 25,000 words was the closest I had gotten to a finished book and I was incredibly …

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sea scape and tree scape side by side with overlay of criss-crossed crime scene tape

Sea Change or Tree Change?: crime moves to the coast and country

Book tickets Sisters in Crime convenor and author Janice Simpson puts three crime authors under the spotlight – Leigh Straw, Sarah Bailey and Dorothy Johnston – to explore what happens when crime (fiction) shifts to the coast or country: to Fremantle, the fictional NSW country town of Smithson and Queenscliff, respectively. Leigh Straw is a …

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