Zipping on the zeitgeist: Q&A with Meg Mundell

The Trespassers, Meg Mundell’s first foray into crime fiction, is presciently set during a global pandemic, and tracks the deprivations and fears of passengers sailing from London to Melbourne as new infections break out on board. It won Sisters in Crime’s 20th Davitt Award (Best Crime Novel). Meg talked to Janice Simpson about how this …

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Meg Mundell with 2020 Davitt Award

20th Davitt Awards – what The Sunday Age said

There’s a plague about and it’s making crime pay by Jason Steger, Books Editor, The Age and Sydney Morning Herald. In 1852 an outbreak of typhus on the Ticonderoga as it sailed from Britain to Melbourne killed 100 people and led to the establishment of the Point Nepean quarantine station at the head of the …

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