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ONLINE EVENT. Former Victorian Assistant Police Commissioner Sandra Nicholson will interrogate a panel of writers of police procedurals: Caroline de Costa, Suzanne Frankham and Margaret Hickey.

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RECORDING NOW AVAILABLE. Authors Tania Chandler, Leanne Hall, and Ruth McIver talked to award-winning YA writer, Ellie Marney, about crime that starts with the young but continues to reverberate, transforming and traumatising many in its wake. Assaults, abductions and, most especially, murder, all leave a terrible legacy.

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View the Davitt Awards Video

Whilst a good time was had by all, a recording was made for posterity. And for those who were unable to join us on the night.

Check out the wonderful interview with Debra Oswald, who said writers are ‘match fit for lockdown’ and ‘built for a pandemic’. Find out why by watching the video.

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