24rd Davitt Awards: Readers’ Choice Vote opens 14 June

Voting for Sisters in Crime’s Davitt Readers’ Choice Award will open to financial members from 14 June.

An impressive 152 books are competing in Sisters in Crime’s 24th Davitt Awards for the best crime and mystery books. A list of the books in contention is here and also pasted in below.

This year the Davitts are again supported by Swinburne University of Technology.

Six Davitt Awards will be presented at a gala dinner at South Melbourne’s Rising Sun Hotel on Saturday 31 August by award-winning author and global publishing phenomenon, Sulari Gentill: Best Adult Novel; Best Young Adult Novel; Best Children’s Novel; Best Non-fiction Book; Best Debut Book (any category); and Readers’ Choice (as voted the 600+ members of Sisters in Crime Australia). Prior to the awards presentation, Sulari will talk about her life in crime with Sisters in Crime’s president and author, Kelly Gardiner. Bookings here.

Readers’ Award Choice voting

Voting for the Readers’ Award Choice closes Wednesday 31 July, 11.59 pm. If you’re not a member, join now if you want to vote. Members are emailed a voting link. A longlist will be published within mid-June. A shortlist comes out in July.

Media comment: Ruth Wykes on rwykes7@bigpond.com; 0407 898 754

More info: Carmel Shute, Secretary & National Co-convenor, Sisters in Crime Australia, on 0412 569 356; admin@sistersincrime.org.au



Adult crime novels (119)

B M Allsopp, Death Off Camera (Fiji Islands Mysteries #5) (Coconut Press)

Rachel Amphlett, Cover the Bones (Detective Mark Turpin #5) (Saxon Publishing)

Rachel Amphlett, The Dying Season (Detective Kay Hunter #12) (Saxon Publishing)

Sarah Barrie, Vendetta (HQ Fiction)

Rozzi Bazzani, Making Up Amanda (S&B Books)

Louisa Bennet, The Nosy Detectives (Clan Destine Press)

Harrie Blake, The Mysterious Death of an Illuminator (SHB Books)

Alison Booth, Bellevue (Red Door)

Fiona Britton, Violet Kelly and the Jade Owl (Allen & Unwin) Debut

Naima Brown, The Shot (Pan Macmillan Australia) Debut

Anne Buist, Locked Ward (Text Publishing)

Shelley Burr, Ripper (Hachette Australia)

Rae Cairns, Dying to Know (HarperCollins Australia)

Lucy Campbell, Lowbridge (Ultimo Press) Debut

B M Carroll, The Other Side of Her (Affirm Press)

Anne M Carson, The Detective’s Chair (Liquid Amber Press)

Alison Clare, Midnight at Maidstone Hall (Level Best Books) Debut

T M Clark, Song of the Starlings (Wilde Press)

Elizabeth Coleman, A Routine Infidelity (Pantera Press)

Tea Cooper, The Talented Mrs Greenway (HQ Fiction)

Caroline De Costa, Buried Secrets (Boolarong Press)

Jo Dixon, The House of Now and Then (HQ Fiction) Debut

Susan Duncan, Sleepless in Stringybark Bay (Allen & Unwin)

Ilsa Evans, Family Baggage (HQ Fiction)

Robyn Ferrell, Private Language (The Chook Raffle Press)

Candice Fox, Fire with Fire (Penguin Random House)

Jackie French, Becoming Mrs Mulberry (HQ Fiction)

S J Gardiner, Lethal Infection (Isolation Press)

Brigid George, Death in the Dandenongs (Potoroo Press)

Megan Goldin, Dark Corners (Penguin Random House)

Alison Goodman, The Benevolent Society of Ill-annered Ladies (HarperCollins Australia)

Bronwyn Hall, The Chasm (HQ Fiction)

Amanda Hampson, The Tea Ladies (Penguin Random House) Debut

Stephanie Hazeltine, You Weren’t Watching (Hazeltine Publishing)

Rebecca Heath, The Summer Party (Head of Zeus)

Karen Herbert, Vertigo (Fremantle Press)

Margaret Hickey, Broken Bay (Penguin Random House)

Jane Hinchey, Easy Come, Easy Ghost (Baywolf Press)

D K Hood, Their Wicked Games (Bookouture)

Kim Hunt, The Quarry (Spiral Collectives)

Ella Jameson-Avey, Wellworth (Hawkeye Publishing)

Joanna Jenkins, How to Kill a Client (Allen & Unwin) Debut

Catherine Jinks, Traced (Text Publishing)

Catherine Johns, Maggie (Hachette Australia)

Kylie Kaden, After the Smoke Clears (Pantera Press)

Ashley Kalagian Blunt, Dark Mode (Ultimo Press)

S C Karakaltsas, Sugar Creek (Karadie Publishing)

Philippa Kaye, Girl Detectives Just Wanna Have Fun (Shawline Publishing Group) Debut

Christine Keighery, The Half Brother (Ultimo Press) Debut

Jess Kitching, Lucky Number 11 (Kingsley Publishers)

Katherine Kovacic, Seven Sisters (HarperCollins Australia)

Veronica Lando, The Drowning Girls (HarperCollins Australia)

L A Larkin, First Victim (Bookouture)

L A Larkin, Her Deadly Truth (Bookouture)

L A Larkin, Next Missing Girl (Bookouture)

Suzanne Leal, The Watchful Wife (Allen & Unwin)

Judith Lees, The Dispatch (Moonglow Publishing)

Natasha Lester, The Disappearance of Astrid Bricard (Hachette Australia)

Gillian Long, Greenwash (Millaa House Publishing)

Ali Lowe, The Running Club (Hodder & Stoughton)

Fiona Lowe, The Money Club (HQ Fiction)

Kirsty Manning, The Hidden Book (Allen & Unwin)

Nicola Marsh, The Haven (Parlance Press)

Nicola Marsh, The Retreat (Parlance Press)

Freya Marske, A Power Unbound (Tor Publishing)

Kerryn Mayne, Lenny Marks Gets Away with Murder (Penguin Random House) Debut

Vanessa McCausland, Dreaming in French (HarperCollins Australia)

Fleur McDonald, Into the Night (Allen & Unwin)

Fleur McDonald, Voices in the Dark (Allen & Unwin)

Kerry McGinnis, Bloodwood Creek (Penguin Random House)

Fiona McIntosh, Dead Tide (Penguin Random House)

Dinuka McKenzie, Taken (HarperCollins Australia)

Mercedes Mercier, Black Lies (HarperCollins Australia)

Tess Merlin, Rank (Tess Merlin) Debut

Suzie Miller, Prima Facie (Pan Macmillan Australia) Debut

Kate Morton, Homecoming (Mariner Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers)

Nikki Mottram, Crows Nest (University of Queensland Press) Debut

Jill Paterson, Murder in Spades (Jill Henderson)

Lorraine Peck, The Double Bind (Text Publishing)

A D Penhall, Dangerous Devotions (Clan Destine Press) Debut

Marija Pericic, Exquisite Corpse (Ultimo Press)

Michelle Prak, The Rush (Simon & Schuster) Debut

Nilima Rao, A Disappearance in Fiji (Echo Publishing) Debut

Erina Reddan, Deep in the Forest (Pantera Press)

Kelly Rimmer, The Paris Agent (Hachette Australia)

Jacqueline Ross, Blackwater (Affirm Press)

Joan Sauers, Echo Lake (Allen & Unwin) Debut

Naomi Shippen, Far from Harm (Kingsley Publishers) Debut

Sarah Smith, Twelve Steps to a Long and Fulfilling Death (Ultimo Press)

Porta Stanton-Noble, Drop Dead like Flies (Austin Macauley Publishers)

Laraine Stephens, A Deadly Game (Reggie da Costa Mystery #3) (Level Best Books)

A M Stuart, Terror in Topaz (Harriet Gordon Mystery #4)(Oportet Publishing)

Alison Stuart, The Homecoming (Maiden Creek #3)(HQ Fiction)

Chris Stuart, The Glasgow Smile (Original Sin Press)

Amy Suiter Clark, Lay your Body Down (Text Publishing)

Caroline Swindell, We Only Want What’s Best (Affirm Press) Debut

Fiona Tarr, Her Broken Bones (Opal Fields #2) (Fiona Tarr)

Fiona Tarr, Her Buried Bones (Opal Fields #1) (Fiona Tarr)

Fiona Tarr, Her Hidden Bones (Opal Fields #4) (Fiona Tarr)

Fiona Tarr, Her Lonely Bones (Opal Fields #5) (Fiona Tarr)

Fiona Tarr, Her Scorched Bones (Opal Fields #3) (Fiona Tarr)

Eve Thompson, She Too (Echo Publishing) Debut

Karen Thurecht, Death at Deepwater Point (Shawline Publishing Group)

Darcy Tindale, The Fall Between (Penguin Random House) Debut

Joanne Tracey, Philly Barker Is on the Case (Joanne Tracey)

Lucy Treloar, Days of Innocence and Wonder (Pan Macmillan Australia)

Alison Trimper, Divine Hayfields (Sidharta Books & Print) Debut

Nicole Trope, The Day after the Party (Bookouture)

Nicole Trope, The Truth about the Accident (Bookouture)

Anastasia Tyler, Survival Mode (a Clara Mode crime novel) (Shawline Publishing Group) Debut

Monica Vuu, When One of Us Hurts (Pan Macmillan Australia) Debut

Margaret Walsh, Sherlock Holmes and the Hellfire Heirs (MX Publishing)

Katrina Watson, The Bones (Busybird Books) Debut

Mali Waugh, Judgement Day (Pan Macmillan Australia) Debut

Olivia Wearne, The Woman Who Knew Too Little (HQ Fiction) Debut

M Q Webb, When You’re Dying (TBR Press)

Anna Willett, The Ideal Couple (The Book Folks)

Anna Willett, The Newlywed (The Book Folks)

Patricia Wolf, Paradise (Echo Publishing)

Non-fiction (12)

Kate Auty, O’Leary of the Underworld (Black Inc.)

Shanelle Dawson, My Mother’s Eyes (Hachette Australia) Debut

Marele Day, Reckless (Ultimo Press)

Cindy Dobbin and Freda Marnie Nicholls, My Mother the Spy: The daring and tragic double life of ASIO agent Mercia Masson (Allen & Unwin)

Ahona Guha, Reclaim: Understanding complex trauma and those who abuse (Scribe Publications) Debut

Rebecca Hazel, The Schoolgirl, her Teacher and his Wife (Penguin Random House)

Christine Kenneally, Ghosts of the Orphanage (Hachette Australia)

Madonna King, Saving our Kids (Hachette Australia)

Sonya Leeding, Blue Widow (Ocean Reeve Publishing) Debut

Nicole Madigan, Obsession (Pantera Press)

Nicole Morris, Vanished: True stories from families of Australian missing persons (Big Sky Publishing) Debut

Megan Norris, The Messiah’s Bride (Penguin Random House)

Young Adult novels (5)

Katya de Becarra, When Ghosts Call Us Home (Pan Macmillan Australia)

Bryl Davidson, The Mystery of the Missing Tea Drinker (Hilton Press) Debut

Amy Doak, Eleanor Jones Is Not a Murderer (Penguin Random House) Debut

Ellie Marney, Some Shall Break (Allen & Unwin)

Kate Murray, We Who Are Forged in Fire (Hardie Grant Publishing)

Children’s novels (16)

Doris Brett, Philomella and the Impossible Forest (Hardie Grant Publishing)

Aleesah Darlison, Super Sloth Episode 1: The Shar-Wolf of New York (Super Sloth #1)(Big Sky Publishing)

Helen Edwards, The Rebels of Mt Buffalo (Riveted Press)

Nicki Greenberg, The Detective’s Guide to Paris (Affirm Press)

Lucinda Gifford, The Wolves of Greycoat Hall (Walker Books)

Ash Harrier, The Eerie Excavation (Pantera Press)

Jacqueline Harvey, Alice-Miranda and the Christmas Mystery (Penguin Random House)

Kelli Anne Hawkins, Copycat (HarperCollins Australia)

Suzanne Leal, Running with Ivan (HarperCollins Australia)

Sophie Masson, The Key to Rome (Eagle Books)

Favel Parrett, Kimmi: Queen of the Dingoes (Lothian Children’s Books, an imprint of Hachette Australia)

Alison Rushby, Miss Penny Dreadful and the Malicious Maze (Walker Books)

Alison Rushby, Miss Penny Dreadful and the Mermaid’s Locks (Walker Books)

Alison Tait, The First Summer of Callie McGee (Scholastic Australia)

Sue Whiting, Pearly and Pig and the Lost City of Mu Savan (Walker Books)

Anna Zobel, This Camp Is Doomed: A Dennith Grange Misadventure (Penguin Random House)