Sinister Intent by Karen M. Davis

Author: Karen M. Davis
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Australia
ISBN: 9781922052520
Review By: Suzanne Bozorth-Baines
Book Synopsis: Karen Davis’s first novel is a romp through bikie hierarchy and cultures with many a twist and turn that keeps the reader’s interest. Action begins with the self immolation of a young woman as Detective Lexie Rogers and her partner, Detective Sergeant Brad Sommers investigate.

Lexie is unbelievably drop dead gorgeous in the looks department, but Davis has painted her character well, including many foibles that might belong to a detective who has undergone traumatic events in her working life. Murder, mayhem, and a few sexy scenes are scattered throughout as Lexie is finally paired up with the equally gorgeous Josh Harrison. Didn’t we know these two would somehow hook up? Despite this obvious ploy, most of the characters, including Josh, are well developed; perhaps the only criticism is that the good guys are beautiful and the bad guys aren’t.

Police procedures, protocols, and workplace culture seem well documented, which may attest to Davis’s previous employ in the NSW Police Department. The clues to a couple of murders are there for the discerning reader to gather, but the story remains a page turner. Will Lexie and her cohorts return in a new instalment? Davis may have the makings of another book.