New cover revealed for Livia Day’s, A Trifle Dead

Ahead of the launch of the next volume of Livia Day’s Cafe La Femme series, Keep Calm and Kill the Chef, Twelfth Planet Press has redesigned the covers for the whole series. Sisters in Crime has agreed to do the first cover ‘reveal’. It was shortlisted for Best Debut Book in the Davitt Awards.

About A Trifle Dead:

Tabitha Darling has always had a dab hand for pastry and a knack for getting into trouble. Which was fine when she was a tearaway teen, but not so useful now she’s trying to run a hipster urban cafe, invent the perfect trendy dessert, and stop feeding the many (oh so unfashionable) policemen in her life.

When a dead muso is found in the flat upstairs, Tabitha does her best (honestly) not to interfere with the investigation, despite the cute Scottish blogger who keeps angling for her help. Her superpower is gossip, not solving murder mysteries, and those are totally not the same thing, right?

But as that strange death turns into a string of random crimes across the city of Hobart, Tabitha can’t shake the unsettling feeling that maybe, for once, it really is ALL ABOUT HER.

And maybe she’s figured out the deadly truth a trifle late…

Shortlisted for Best Debut Book in the Davitt Awards, A Trifle Dead is the first volume in Livia Day’s culinary crime series bursting with delicious food, good coffee, cute frocks and okay, the occasional gruesome murder.

About Livia Day:

Livia Day is a stylish, murder-obsessed fashionista who lives inside the head of someone else entirely. Tansy Rayner Roberts is a mother, an author, a blogger, a podcaster, and a Hugo-award winning critic. Together they WRITE CRIME. And sometimes they invent ice cream recipes. Livia Day is the author of the Café La Femme series of cozy mystery novels, including A Trifle Dead, Drowned Vanilla, The Blackmail Blend and available for preorder, Keep Calm and Kill the Chef. Warning: reading these books will make you crave dessert.

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Preorder your copy of the next Tabitha Darling instalment Keep Calm and Kill the Chef from any online ebook platform, direct from Twelfth Planet Press, or with your local bookstore.  Out September 19 2019

Follow the full reveal of the all new look for the Cafe La Femme series this week:

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