Dream Girl

How can a woman who never existed come back to haunt you?

Gerry Anderson has been having trouble sleeping. He’s unwell – bed-bound – and has only his night nurse and his PA for company. But what’s really troubling him are the phone calls. Phone calls from a woman claiming to be the ‘real’ Aubrey.

But that can’t be. Aubrey’s just a character Gerry made up in a book, years ago.

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The Guilt Trip

It’s a chance to relax and get to know Ali a little better perhaps. But Ali is hiding more than one secret . . .
By the end of the weekend there’ll be one dead body and five people with guilty consciences wondering if they really know each other so well after all. Because one of them has to be the killer . . .

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In the heat of the moment, Abby and Charlie make a fateful decision. They flee, hoping heavy rain will erase the fact they were there. They both have too much to lose.

But they have no idea who they’ve just killed or how many lives will be affected by her death. Soon the truth is like a riptide they can’t escape, as their terrible secret pulls them down deeper by the day.

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The Long Call: TV Review by Siobhan Mullany

A moody drama with the typically bleak British seaside setting. Detective Inspector Matthew Venn is searching for the killer of a man found stabbed on the beach. The personal drama is in the steps towards a potential reconciliation with his mother. A slow burn with subtle acting.

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Why Women Kill, Season Two

Season Two retains the high style and witty script. It is very watchable, but it lacks the edge and authenticity of Season One. Overall, suspend disbelief and watch it. Fun story, well told. The clothes are to die for and flattering on the larger figure – a big plus.

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Black Cloud

Georgie Harvey and John Franklin are pushed to breaking point by a fatal explosion on a farm in Korweinguboora involving two of Franklin’s workmates. The crime scene is compromised by fire, blasts and water, and speculations run rife. Franklin seeks answers; someone to blame. Harvey investigates her toughest story yet. Will one break?

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Who Sleuthed It?

Who Sleuthed It? is the book you want when you want a book about animals helping their animal friends – or their human sidekicks – solve a host of diabolical crimes and whimsical mysteries.

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The Lady With the Gun Asks the Questions

Miss Phryne Fisher is up to her stunning green eyes in intriguing crime in each of these entertaining, fun and compulsively readable stories. With the ever-loyal Dot, the ingenious Mr Butler and all of Phryne’s friends and household, the action is as fast as Phryne’s wit and logic.

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The Newcomer

In a hotel room on a sleepy Pacific island, Judy Novak waits. And worries. It isn’t the first time 29-year-old problem child Paulina has kept her mother waiting. But Judy can’t ignore the island’s jagged cliffs and towering pines — or the dread that Paulina has finally acted on her threats to take her own life.

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