Winner – Children’s Book

A Clue for Clara

Author: Lian Tanner

Illustrator: Cheryl Orsini

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

Clara is a small scruffy chook who is tormented by the rooster and the other hens. She escapes by watching a girl detective on TV and sees herself as a fellow crime-solver. She can’t speak human but writes a letter that there is an egg thief in the area. Chased by her flock, she hides in Olive and her policeman father’s car. They are grieving the death of Olive’s mother and are also being bullied in different ways. Clara and Olive’s meeting is the beginning of, not only a crime-fighting partnership, but a fun, affirming and healing friendship for both. Conventions from crime novels: clues, the sidekick, going undercover, the setup and the chase, are incorporated with plenty of fowl gags along the way.

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