Whitsunday Dawn

Author: Annie Seaton

Publisher/Year: Mira/2018

Publisher overview

With the pristine beauty of the Whitsundays under threat, can they expose the truth in time? Australian author Annie Seaton brings to life a new area of romance – Eco-Adventure. Perfect for fans of Di Morrissey.

When Olivia Sheridan arrives in the Whitsundays as spokesperson for big mining company Sheridan Corp, it should be a straightforward presentation to the town about their proposed project. But when a handsome local fisherman shows her what ecological impact the proposal will have, Olivia is forced to question her father’s motives for the project.

Struggling with newly divided loyalties, Olivia is thrown further into turmoil when she is mistaken for a woman who disappeared more than sixty years before. When it becomes clear that Captain Jay is also keeping secrets, Olivia realises that there is more to these sunshine–soaked islands than she ever expected.

Seeking to uncover the truth, Olivia is drawn into a dangerous game where powerful businessmen will stop at nothing to ensure their plan goes ahead, even if that means eliminating her…
Against the epic Far North Queensland landscape, this is the story of two women, separated by history, drawn to Whitsunday Island where their futures will be changed forever.

Reviewer: Sarah Jackson

Wonderful holiday reading, hard to put down

Set in the picturesque Whitsunday Island district, this dual narrative switches between WWII 1942 and 2018.

The present-day plot centres around Sydney-based corporate spokesperson Olivia Sheridan. Livi is on a mission to promote the latest venture of family-owned mining company, Sheridan Corp. Feeling despondent about her role in the company, relationship with her demanding father, and dissatisfied with her personal life, Livi takes some time out to explore the Islands before getting down to business. Here she meets the enigmatic and totally frustrating Fynn. As their relationship develops, Livi uncovers disturbing information about the company’s mining venture and the potentially detrimental environmental impact.

The 1942 story concerns Whitsunday Island resident, Liliana and her family, and the impact of the Second World War threat of Japanese invasion on the Far North Queensland district. The story follows Lily’s developing relationship with air force serviceman Jack

The plot flows beautifully and is charming and engaging from start to finish. You find yourself becoming caught up in the narrative for each time period, anxious to uncover more of the stories as they unfold, and eventually merge together.

The characters are relatable, believable and their social interactions and manner are appropriate for the eras covered by the story. It’s easy to empathise with the main players of both genders and across all ages. Liliana and her sister Tatiana are especially endearing.

Seaton’s descriptions of the beauty of the Whitsunday district make it easy to visual. You can almost hear the lapping of the ocean and feel the warmth on your skin. If you’ve never been there, you will certainly want to book a trip after reading this novel.

Whitsunday Dawn examines life during WWIII, modern-day issues of environmental vandalism, corporate corruption, and the role of women and family through the lens of love and romance. The story is well research and Seaton provides a brief reference list in the ‘acknowledgments’ section of the book.

Whitsunday Dawn by Annie Seaton makes for an excellent holiday read. It proved to be a significantly more enjoyable read than expected.