Twisted tales about twisted sisters – now online

It must be something in the zeitgeist. Three new novels Rose Carlyle’s The Girl in the Mirror (Allen & Unwin), Sally Hepworth’s The Good Sister (Pan Macmillan) and Sonya Bates’  The Inheritance of Secrets (HarperCollins) – all explore sisters; sisters who are variously sinister, secretive or strange, especially when they happen to be twins, as is the case with both Rose’s and Sally’s books.

The authors have revealed all to Maggie Baron, a former Convener and Inaugural President of Sisters in Crime.

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Rose Carlyle headshotAuckland author, Rose Carlyle, is a lawyer and keen adventurer. She has crewed on scientific yachting expeditions to subantarctic islands and lived aboard her own yacht in the Indian Ocean for a year, sailing it from Thailand to South Africa via the Seychelles.  The twins in The Girl in the Mirror, Rose’s debut crime novel, are identical and beautiful but beyond what the eye can see lies a darkness that sets them apart. Once a crazy inheritance and a boat full of secrets is added to the mix, their lives spiral out of control.


Sally Hepworth headshotSally Hepworth is based in Melbourne and has a background in event management and human resources. The twins in Sally’s seventh novel, The Good Sister, are not identical but are nevertheless deeply connected. They eat together three nights a week and one sister offers to have a baby for the other. But the mission shakes the foundations of both lives and stirs up dark secrets from the past, not to mention murderous impulses. Her bestselling novel, The Mother-in-Law, is being produced by Amy Poehler for the NBC.


Sonya Bates headshotSonya Bates is an Adelaide-based writer of adult and children’s fiction. The sisters in Sonya’s debut novel, The Inheritance of Secrets, aren’t twins! They are estranged sisters who come together in a time of crisis. One is a successful writer, the other is a recovering addict. Their relationship is one of give and take but the murder of their World War II grandparents throws them into a situation where only trust in each other will get them through, but it’s the one thing they don’t have.

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