The Girl in the Mirror

Author: Jenny Blackford

Publisher/Year: Eagle Books, a Christmas Press imprint/2019

Publisher Description

Could Maddy’s life get any worse?

She’s moved to a scary new house, a scary new school and when her baby brother comes down with a terrible illness Maddy wonders if there’s evil lurking in the shadows.

Help comes from an unlikely source — Clarissa.

The only problem is, they are separated by a mirror and 100 years.


Judges: Karina Kilmore, Philomena Horsley, Bec Kavanagh, Pauline Meaney, Debbie Stephen and Moraig Kisler

Judges’ Comments

Separated by more than a hundred years, and brought together through a mysterious mirror, Maddie and Clarissa provide comfort and wisdom at a time when they feel desperately alone. The girls band together to defeat a creeping evil that threatens the lives of their families.

The Girl in the Mirror is a refreshingly contemporary time-slip mystery. Maddie and Clarissa are intensely relatable with their shared frustrations at the way in which they are dismissed by the adults in their lives. Jenny Blackford has captured the pains of early adolescence – loneliness, fear, uncertainty – in a gripping mystery that is perfectly pitched to the middle readers who will love it.