Siren by Tara Moss

Author: Tara Moss
Publisher: Harper Collins
Review By: Ann Byrne
Book Synopsis: Siren is the fifth of the series, Fetish, Split, Cover and Hit, with PI Makedde (Mak) Vanderwall, the beautiful, streetwise motorbike riding daughter of a cop.

Mak begins this adventure with a ride from Canberra to Sydney, “With her slender, leather gloved hand, she gripped the throttle of her motor cycle, the road opening before her unsullied by snarls of traffic” – leaving detective Senior Sergeant Andrew Flynn behind.

An over protective widowed mother hires Mak to find her missing 19 year old son. The intriguing Prologue has given the reader a hint of what may be in store. Following a French Cabaret Troupe to Paris, Mak discovers the Theatre of Fear, famous in the 1900s. This is where the title “Sirens” is at its most poignant as we explore whether the title is related to the classical myth or simply a loud prolonged sound as a warning. In the background is the large lurking Luther, an efficient hit man and Mak’s obsession with the nasty rich kid, David Cavanagh.

Siren will give you confidence and you will finish with a greater understand of bad girls, its fast pace and exploration of Paris is a credit to the authors appreciation of the intelligence of her readers. Endings are always important to me and it forecasts a slight change to a more confident Mak. “It was not the life she had wanted, not the life she had asked for. It was the life she had to lead”. Looks like Mak will be back stronger than ever soon.

Ann Byrne