Hear Caroline Overington Davitt (Non-Fiction) winner & others on women who kill

Three writers  joined Natasha Mitchell (RN Life Matters ) at the Sydney Writers’ Festival to discuss women who kill: Caroline Overington, who won the 2015 Davitt (Non-fiction) for Last Woman Hanged: The Terrible True Story of Louisa Collins, Kellinde Wrightson, author of The Notorious Frances Thwaites: The Story of the Brunswick Baby Farmer  and Xanthé Mallett, Mothers Who Murder: And Infamous Miscarriages of Justice.

From the notorious baby farmers of the late 19th century to the last woman hanged in NSW, the authors investigate some of the most scandalous, notorious, complex cases in criminal history, and share their encounters with infamous women.

How do the law, media, and the public respond when those deemed as society’s nurturers – mothers, wives, sisters, daughters – become killers instead?

From Eve onwards, ‘dangerous’ women have excited and horrified society.

A ghoulish intrigue, or something stranger?

RN Life Matters played the interview on 30 September. You can listen online for the following week or download to your pod anytime. Click here.