Radio National interview: Ex-cop turns from erotic to win crime prize

Catch up with Michael MacKenzie’s interview with Scarlet Stiletto winner T J Hamilton on Radio National’s RN Afternoons on 1 December:

Crime writing continues to be a growth industry in publishing, as our appetite for fictional violence, murder and torture seems insatiable, however it’s a pretty big leap from writing erotic bodice rippers to Jack the Ripper.

TJ Hamilton’s career path into crime literature would be hard to believe if it wasn’t true – ex-police officer who was dismissed for a professional breach wins her way back in on appeal, but then leaves anyway to start writing erotic fiction, finds that people keep dying in her sexy books, so tries her hand at writing crime in a short story and ends up winning the Sisters in Crime’s 22nd Scarlet Stiletto National Short Story Awards on the weekend.

Listen online til 8 December or download to your pod any time.