Present Danger by Stella Rimington

Author: Stella Rimington
Publisher: Querus Publishing
No of Pages: 384
Reviewed by: Ann Byrne
Book Synopsis:
This is the fifth adventure of Liz Carlyle by the author, Stella Rimington, who was the head of MI5 until 1996 and in 1992 was the first women to be appointed Director-General.

Present danger is set in Belfast where the peace is looking precarious. Carlyle has been sent to run a team monitoring breakaway republican groups who never accepted the peace process. There are links to drugs and organised crime with an Irish American Seamus Piggott in charge. There is a trip to Paris to follow some leads when one of her team moves without informing his colleagues. Carlyle then discovers that the real danger is a plot against the security forces itself.

Rimington uses her knowledge of the security forces to establish realistic scenarios which keep readers on their toes throughout. Her intimate knowledge must mean that there are many more stories to come. I found Present Danger hard to put down as if I did the tension would keep me awake so why not read on.