Fever Of The Bone by Val McDermid

Author: Val McDermid
Publisher: Little Brown
Reviewed by: Ann Byrne
Book Synopsis:
The Fever of the Bone is the 6th novel to feature Clinical Psychologist Dr Tony Hill and Detective Chief Inspector Carol Jordan of Wire in the Blood TV fame.

Someone is killing teenagers whose only link is that they a part of a social networking site; Rigmarole. The understanding of such a site and the way that predators can lure kids into side bars will cause some angst amongst parents but McDermid handles it with expert detail. CI Jordon has a new boss who has her team under review and bans her from using Dr Hill on her cases. This adds additional tension for the reader as we love the way they work together. But the case is too big and wide to stop cooperation. The story has complexity and a number of plot narratives all managed smoothly by McDermid. One of particular interest is Tony’s discovery of his father and a past he could have had but where will this lead in his relationship with Carol.

Another classic McDermidand as Laura Wilson of The Guardian said “McDermid is especially good at serving up a mix of hi-tech and old-fashioned coppering, as well as showing how proximity to extreme brutality can take its toll on even the toughest police officer.”