Move To Strike by Sydney Bauer

Author: Sydney Bauer
Publisher: Mac Millan
Reviewed by: Ann Byrne
Book Synopsis:

Move to Strike

Psychology and its multiple dark sides are explored through the looking glass of the outward presented perfect family in Sydney Bauer’s third Boston based thriller. David Cavanaugh, the criminal attorney, his detective friend Joe Mannix really have their work cut out this time.

Move to Strike intrigues you from the first page, when the picture perfect life of top rating daytime TV psychologist, Doctor Jeffrey Logan is shattered when his wife is killed in his family kitchen. Cavanaugh steps into defend the man accused of the murder; however the children refuse to speak about what really happened. The solving of this crime is gruelling for Cavanaugh, with a fast moving defendant and the ambitious DA along make for a fast paced plot line.

Boston one again shines as in Under tow, Gospel and Alibi with Beacon Hill being the focus of Move to Strike. Once again a legal thriller that follows many paths with surprises at the end of each one.

Ann Byrne