Matter Of Trust by Sydney Bauer

Author: Sydney Bauer
Publisher: Mac Millan
Reviewed by: Ann Byrne
Book Synopsis: Matter of Trust delves into old friendships, family and relationships in this fifth novel with David Cavanaugh, the Boston criminal Attorney in the lead.

Cavanaugh answers a call from an old school buddy Chris Kincaid, now a US Senator that takes him back to his hometown, Newark in New Jersey. Another old school friend, Marilyn, has disappeared and when a body is hauled from the Passaic River the situation Chris is asked to identify the body. Whilst Chris is married he has maintained a relationship with Marilyn – Is it Marilyn or someone very similar? – a few weeks in rivers do make it hard for a definite identification.

Matter of Trust explores the current case through both the past and present day. We leave the book with a better understanding of David’s character – why he left Newark, the relationship with his brother and so the question now is whether we will see a different David in the next book or is it time to explore the work of his smart, sassy partner Sara.

Ann Byrne