Take Out by Felicity Young

Author: Felicity Young
Publisher: Fremantle Press
Review By: Sylvia Loader
Book Synopsis: This is Felicity Young’s third book featuring DSS Stevie Hooper, and like its predecessors it’s a cracker. While the prologue and epilogue are set in Thailand, the rest of the book centres on Perth, and the author brings the city to life.

Although on leave and coping with a family crisis, Stevie is drawn into an investigation when she enters a deserted house and finds a half eaten meal on the table and something very surprising in one of the bedrooms. The neighbour who might be able to help is battling speech difficulties after a stroke, and Stevie finds it difficult to get any information. As dead bodies emerge from a watery grave Stevie’s own life is in danger, and she has more than one near miss as she battles criminals with a total disregard for human life. This is a fast paced and believable story, a great read and highly recommended.

Each chapter starts with a short hand-written line as one of the other characters battles her own past history, and the parallels drawn enhance the story, and show how difficult it is to leave the past completely behind.