Sherryl Clark author event: Red herrings and fishy clues (Vic)

What does it take to write an unforgettable crime novel? To celebrate the publication of her second crime novel, ‘ Dead and Gone‘, author Sherryl Clark is joined by Lucia Nardo to share what makes remarkable crime fiction; the ins and outs of plot, how to wrangle a series and keep track of characters and …

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Black and white version of iconic image of World War !! woman in overalls with hair wrapped up in a spotted red scarf and red lipstick

Deadbeat brothers and the trouble they cause

Proving the adage ‘You can choose your friends, but not your family’, trouble befalls the protagonists in three new crime books. J M Green, Carmel Reilly and Sherryl Clark have created women who have to clean up messes created by their deadbeat brothers. They will confide all to fellow crime writer Toni Jordan: are the brothers …

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