Judas Horse by Lynda La Plante

When Detective Jack Warr identifies an informer, the terrified man begins to give details of a massive robbery planned by a team of unscrupulous and dangerous men. These men have already orchestrated many audacious robberies, leaving terrified victims in their wake. And they have already killed to get what they want. Detective Jack Warr and his team must use their informant as a ‘Judas Horse’ to draw in the unsuspecting robbers, so that they go ahead with the planned robbery. However, one false move, and more blood will be spilled . . .

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Shelter by Catherine Jinks

Meg lives alone: a little place in the bush outside town. A perfect place to hide for Nerine, who’s escaping a violent ex.

Then she starts to wonder about some little things. A disturbed flyscreen. A tune playing on her wind chimes. Has Nerine’s ex tracked them down? Has Meg’s husband turned up to torment her some more?

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The Attack by Catherine Jinks

Robyn escaped the past once. Now it’s back—and this time there’s no way out.

Bruising classroom dynamics, manipulative parents and carers and horrendous small-town politics form the backdrop to a nail-biting thriller in which the tensions of ten years ago start to play themselves out, building to a violent climax in the present day.

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Catch Us the Foxes

Some secrets you try to hide. Others you don’t dare let out …
Ambitious young journalist Marlowe ‘Lo’ Robertson is horrified to discover the mutilated corpse of her best friend with seven strange symbols have been ruthlessly carved into Lily’s back.

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