Murder Monday: Vikki Petraitis

Sisters in Crime is proud to broadcast the third episode of Murder Mondays for 2023. Our new presenter is Jacq Ellem, bibliophile, copywriter, occasional broadcaster, award-winning podcaster, and a member of the new Tasmanian chapter.

Our guest author for April is Vikki Petraitis, true crime queen turned international podcast sensation and award-winning crime fiction author.

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Vikki has a long association with crime, starting with The Phillip Island Murder in 1994 which she co-wrote with Paul Daley. Since then, she has written another 17 true crime books, but last year, she crossed a genre line with her PhD novel, The Unbelieved, which won the inaugural Allen & Unwin Crime Fiction Award and was published in August to much acclaim.

Vikki is a hugely popular speaker and a former Sisters in Crime convenor.

Her serial Casefile Presents podcasts, The Vanishing of Vivienne Cameron and Searching for Sarah MacDiarmid, have together been downloaded more than three million times – and she’s been able to give up her day job as a school teacher.

Her latest podcast, The Frankston Murders. was released two weeks ago and has already had 730,000 downloads.

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