Murder Monday: Tansy Rayner Roberts

Sisters in Crime is proud to broadcast the second episode of Murder Mondays for 2023. Our new presenter is Jacq Ellem, bibliophile, copywriter, occasional broadcaster, award-winning podcaster, and a member of the new Tasmanian chapter.

Our guest author is Tansy Rayner Roberts whose alter ego is Livia Day.

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Tansy is known for her award-winning space opera, gaslamp fantasy, and fantasy fiction, including eight novels, nine short story collections, over a hundred short stories and novellas, and her podcasting.

Sisters in Crime spoke to Tansy because she crimes crime under her pen name Livia Day – they’re cozy, witty, and wickedly funny, Tasmanian murder mysteries.

Her five crime novels include A Trifle Dead, Drowned Vanilla, Keep Calm and Kill the Chef, Dyed & Buried, and her most recent title, Drop Dead in Red which features scones, murder, and baby goats.

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