Like Clockwork by Margie Orford

Author: Margie Orford
Publisher: Atlantic Books
Copyright Year: 2006
ISBN: 978 1 84354 943 7
No of Pages: 314
Review By: Ann Byrne
Book Synopsis:
When a beautiful young woman is found murdered on Cape Town’s Seapoint promenade, journalist and part-time police profiler, Dr Clare Hart is drawn into the web of a brutal serial killer. As more bodies are discovered, Clare is forced to re-visit the brutal rape of her twin sister and the gang ties that bind Cape Town’s dark crime rings. Is her investigation into human trafficking linked to the murders or is the killer just playing a sick game with her?

Like Clockwork is Margie Orford’s first novel, She introduces us to profiler Clare Hart and Riedwaan, the detective.
Like Clockwork starts with a Prologue in which an unknown man views a new “consignment” who after the abuse knows that to survive she must think of ways of killing. It is a spine chilling introduction. Clare Hart is in the midst of a documentary on human trafficking which we know will lead to many dangerous encounters. The finding of the body of a young woman near her apartment leads her to ring, Riedwaan, who she has worked with before and we suspect a love interest.
This a very accomplished first novel, it takes us into the very dark side of some of the affluent parts of Cape Town with understanding of the nature of power and those who lust for it in any form. The story develops with pace and realism, a serial killer is in action as young girls go missing. The manipulation of the young women who wish to be models and have some extra money takes them from innocence to a very dangerous path.
Whilst it was hard to put Clockwork down it was also pleasing to know that I had the next novel in the series waiting on my shelf.
I highly recommend Like Clockwork to all those who are coming to SheKilda as Margie is one of our international guests.