Flush by Jane Clifton

Author: Jane Clifton
Publisher: Clan Destine Press
ISBN: 978-0-9923295-3-2
No of Pages: 252
Review By: Ann Byrne
Book Synopsis: Flush commences with an intriguing Prologue which frames your mind to continually wonder why and how throughout the book. A great way to start what is a good read.

Flush is Clifton’s third crime novel, following Half Past Dead and A Hand in the Bushand as it says on the blurb Decca Brand is back. For those who have met Decca before she is now riding an 865cc Triumph Bonneville motor bike.

Decca is a psychologists who is drawn into the story when one of her clients is in custody.

Flush took me places I did not expect to go. The story commences with what appears to be a crime of domestic violence but as it develops readers are required to consider the ramifications of war, people’s behaviour in war and individual responsibility for ones actions.

The character combinations also provide a range of interest for the reader – from the senior hard boiled police investigator just focussed on catching the killer any killer, to his younger more introspective assistant, a work alcoholic who is trying to forget his past as well as providing some sexual tension with Brand.

Clifton has a wonderful turn of phrase which allows her to write about difficult issues with a flare that provides insight and future thought for readers.

Finally I loved the tour of Melbourne from Williamstown, to the Docklands and Chapel and Acland Streets