Cooking The Books by Kerry Greenwood

Author: Kerry Greenwood
Publisher: Allen and Unwin
ISBN: 978-1-74237-021-7
Review By: Anne Marshall
Book Synopsis: Kerry Greenwood’s Corinna Chapman series of books combines two of my favourite things – food and mystery. These stories never disappoint with a great plot and, one thing I find a lot of crime novels lack, some fantastic secondary characters. In this, the sixth book of the series, we get to see more than our usual glimpse into Kylie and Goss’ world.

It seems strange to see most of the book set in the soap opera world of ‘Kiss the Bride’ as we’re used to being in Corinna’s bakery, but the lively cast of characters working on the soapie and the mystery surrounding the leading lady make sure that the reader isn’t pining for the bakery.

One thing that left me pining however was that Jason is missing for most of the book, and we’re consoled only with several postcards he sends Corinna from his trip. He returns in the end, but I felt he could have had a lot of fun working on the soapie set with Corinna.

The subplot that created the ‘cooking the books’ title is interesting enough that we don’t find it’s intrusion on the soapie set storyline offensive at all.

This is another good addition to the Corinna Chapman series and I look forward to the next instalment with eager anticipation.